Youtube is like TV for the youth. Heck, it’s even become TV for some of the older guard out there. The amount of different types of content you can get, long form or short form, amateur or professional, on the website is never ending. Uploads from millions daily, and accounts you follow providing new content weekly, bi-weekly, and some even daily. 


One of our ambassadors has a budding youtube career-Mr. Kolton Sullivan has developed a loyal following to his previous channel he used to post on, “USED SURF”. Recently, Kotly took the plunge into creating his own channel, essentially starting over but honing in on the fanbase of people that love him for his personality, knowledge, surfing ability, or a combination/all of the three.




Kolton has a deep knowledge of surfboards and technique, so you can always take away some valuable info from his videos, as well as getting psyched to surf off the hi-fi surf edits. From 2 feet to 10 feet, Kolton knows how to get it done. Check out his most recent video above, where he breaks down the Stab In The Dark finalist board from his shaper, the Alley Rat by Timmy Patterson surfboards. After that, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! 


BONUS: We asked Kolton about some of his favorite pieces from IPD, here’s what he came back with:


Spinner 20" Board Short:

“Gotta love a little longer board short, and this one isn’t exactly plain but also isn’t super loud.”

OG Patch Crew:

“Can’t beat a navy crew.”

Overcast Woven:

“Super soft, easy to throw on for early morning surf checks or out to dinner.”

Speed Kills Fleece:

“My favorite thing in surfing is going fast.”

Morris Woven:

“Houndstooth is punk!”

Rose Panther Heavyweight Tee:

“A little heavier, a little boxier. Sick traditional panther art.”


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