When you hear “office” in 2024, you can picture a lot of different settings. The traditional, cubicle ridden, harshly lit boxes of a prior age. You could also think about your bedroom, since so many people can work from home. Sure, there are some cool offices out there, but we’d bet not many are as cool as ours. Keep in mind we are saying it’s a rad place to work, while being completely honest that it isn’t the most practical. The main distraction, aside from the constant visiting team riders and friends of the brand? The mini ramp in the back.

One of the great wonders of Westside Costa Mesa, our skatelite mini ramp. While not everyone in the IPD crew skates, most times you drive by the office someone is on that ramp. Employees, friends, ambassadors, all of the above, or a set of groms that just rolled up and asked if they could skate. Nothing gets rid of a lack of inspiration for the marketing guy writing this blog post more than a couple runs on the ramp (and every once and a while, a harsh slam that leaves you pretty uncomfortable when you sit back down in front of the computer). All year long, whether people are surfing in fleece in the winter or board shorts in the peak of summer, someone is usually ripping around the office on four wheels. Watch one of the pros give it a rip in this recent youtube video above, and then maybe come by and give it a go yourself.


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