The water always ends up getting warmer later in the summer around Orange County. June and July can still be cold and require a fullsuit for most sessions, except on the super warm and sunny days. August rolls around and warms the water up with south swell coming in, and the water ends up staying warm all the way to mid-October (which is where we are at now and it’s toasty in the pacific.

Recently, we grabbed team rider Ty Burgess from our home zone of Newport Beach, CA, and asked him what his favorites have been since the warm water arrived. Ty also just did a month long stint in Indonesia not long before we filmed this, so we asked him which ones served him the best in the international waters.


His top 3? Here they are in no particular order:

-Frequency 83 Fit 18” (SHOP HERE)

-Faceplant y2k fit 22” (SHOP HERE)

-Eject A1 Fit Ben Carlson Edition 18.5” (SHOP HERE)

While he rotates through all three, he likes the 22” length ones the most as they offer some coverage for the knees when surfing and also add a bit of core score to your rides when people see you embracing the 90s style.

We’ve been polling our team riders to get some more intel on what board shorts they’ve been rocking at their home spots. Stay tuned for the next edition.


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