An Intro to IPD’s Newest Indonesian Talent:

Lakey Peak is a small town, subsisting mainly on the surf culture that has evolved there in recent decades. The waves are world class, but are mostly the playground of traveling surfers. Rarely do any of the local surfers gain significant recognition in international surf culture. There's no proper surf shops, and it can be hard for locals to find the gear or the time to surf year round.

This is part of why Bronson Meydi’s story is so special. As a kid, his natural talent became obvious to nearly everyone who visited, including Bali’s first ever pro, Rizal Tanjung. Rizal adopted Bronson, and brought him to Bali as a part of his family. Not only did this allow Bronson to surf many new waves and accelerate his progression, it helped him gain recognition and support from international surf brands.

Whether in the air, on rail, or in the tube, Bronny turns heads on a global scale. He’s also a humble, kind individual, and we’re excited to have him as a part of the IPD family.

Watch “Becoming Bronson” and get acquainted with Indo’s newest star.


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