When IPD launched in June of 2021, one of our first goals was to throw a party, to bring the local community together in celebration. But, between start-up craziness and hurricane swells, the time flew by, and suddenly it was September.

Upon realizing we still hadn’t fully utilized our surf shop space, we decided it was time for an inaugural IPD function.

Coincidentally, in early October, there was a large oil spill off the coast of Orange County, which drifted into much of Southern California’s coastline, and caused damage to many of the sacred places we spend our time.

When this happened we decided that, as a brand for surfers, we needed to be a part of the cleanup program. Why not have a fun night for the community and also help clean up the oil?

So, on October 28th, we hosted our first ever night of fundraising, live music, grub from the iconic TK Burger Truck, and community bonding. We raffled off two surfboards, plenty of surf clothing, and other quality gear.

With help from local surf shops and people like you, we raised a solid chunk of change, and used it to assist the Surfrider Foundation in their oil cleanup efforts. For a few snapshots of the night, click here.


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