Ahhhh the island chain of Hawaii. A hop skip and a jump away from the west coast and a bit further from the east, people still take the voyage no matter how long it takes. Surfers from all over the world flock to the islands for the hopes of warm weather and water, hoping for tubes a plenty and maybe even some rippable days. Hawaii is especially a destination for the upper echelon of surfers, as the same place you can surf fun waves just a couple minutes up the road can lead you to waves of severe consequences. When you go to Hawaii, you only need the essentials: board shorts, tees, a nice windbreaker, and the occasional woven for bbqs and nights out. We picked out some of our favorites for the trip over. 

  • Shade Jacket (for the temperamental weather in Hawaii)

  • Lightweight and agile, the Shade Jacket can do it all. Whether it’s a little wet outside or you just want a light layer that looks great, this jacket should be the one you reach for out of the closet.

  • Five Six Board Shorts (for all day water usage, ocean or pool alike)

  • The ultimate combo would be surfing in the five six boardie at five six. Named after the premiere break closest to HQ, these boardies are built to perform in any lineup you take them to.

  • Shade Board Shorts (for the board short that acts like a walk short)

  • Much like the it’s cousin the Shade Jacket, this short is lightweight and flexible. Work out in it, take a dip, hike a trail, or hit the morning errands without overheating.  

  • Odyssey Walk Short (for the errands and downtown days)

  • Maybe the journey won’t be as long as the one Homer told with the same title, but the Odyssey short is an easy toss-on-and-go short perfect for adventures both long and short in duration. Wear them on a road trip or slip them on for a quick coffee run, you’ll be equal parts comfortable in either situation.

  • Camo Panther Hoodie (for the early morning surf checks)

  • One of the oldest pieces of traditional art, the panther can symbolize power, guardianship, freedom, courage, the list goes on. Or it could just look cool on the front and back of a tee.

  • Shore Long Sleeve (for when you get a little too much sun and need to stay covered)

  • We’re always a little more stoked when we’re by the shore. Palm trees, sand, and a nice place to cool off can all be found here.

  • Rockys Woven (for the weekend bbq or night out with drinks)

  • Can’t go wrong with a floral woven. The Rockys takes on a classic looking print and gives it a subtle IPD twist.

  • Bunker Dad Hat (for anytime you need to tame the mane)

  • Just because it’s called a dad hat, doesn’t mean you’ll find pops wearing it. A more lowkey branding and classic olive color make this hat wearable for anyone who wants to fly the IPD flag.


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