Everyone loves a good list. Sometimes, the list can summarize what you need in just a few numbers or bullet points. Last year, we dropped a bunch of different styles of products, as well as keeping some classic heavy hitters in the rotation in case you missed out on them when they first dropped. With all that being said, scroll just ever so slightly below for our top 5 products of 2023. Not only did these products sell well, they also were fan favorites among the ambassadors and internal team. We included a little right up as well as their product description below each image. 


Can’t beat a hoodie for everyday use. Early mornings, late nights, work from home, quick errands, all can call for the easy to throw on fleece. For us, it’s all about the pullover instead of the zip. And while we did have bright hoodies, camo hoodies, and color-blocked hoodies, the wedge hoodie reigned supreme in our internal teams rotations and in the online sales. Grab yours before it’s gone! 

Reminiscent of a punk rock flier,, the Wedge Pullover gives some edge to your classic black fleece hoodie.


An IPD classic at this point, we took a classic trucker styling and just made it better (keeping it all the way hundred at this point). Add in a sherpa lined interior and corduroy exterior in an earth–tone-tan, and this is the heavier jacket for you. 

Our classic Maverick Jacket got a retro re-make. With a corduroy outer and cream sherpa inner, this rendition of the Maverick will still keep you dialed in the cold, but is still easily wearable with your favorite fair-weather kit.


This super soft, lightweight woven has been a hit all across the USA. People in California, Hawaii, and the east coast have all gotten plenty of use out of this style. Coming in two easy to style colors, the overcast woven delivers on those overcast, colder but not too cold days.

Whether it’s overcast or sunny, this flannel is ready to keep you cozy on the cooler days thanks to a soft to the touch fabric and lightweight build.

1697 HAT

A classic dad hat styled with a low crown, mesh back, and designed in three different colorways. There’s a color for each and every one of us, and this is the hat that looks just as good sweaty and stained as it does fresh. Factor in the fair price and it’s a done deal. It’s also ON SALE right now!

Sometimes you need structure in your life. Sometimes, you don’t. The 1697 Trucker is easy to toss in the bag and hit the road thanks to an unstructured build and adjustable snap closure.


You don’t see many 22” board shorts that aren’t thrifted from the 90s/00s in the lineup today. We wanted to change that and create a fresh take on some of the classic bottoms all our favorite surf heroes wore. So we did just that! Keep an eye out for the next limited rendition.

Think back to some of the icons of the sport surfing in boardies that went well below the knee. We took some of these 90s and 00s designs as inspiration and put our IPD spin on it. Just long enough to emulate the style, but not sacrificing any bit of comfort while in the water. All the old school bells and whistles.


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