This week, we are premiering the sequel to NO PASSPORT. The name is, you guessed it, PASSPORT. Come watch it live, Saturday, 1/13. Details and flyer HERE.

The first event of the year at IPD is set to be a banger. The sequel to an IPD classic, PASSPORT, is a mere week away. Let’s revisit NO PASSPORT to get fired up.

NO PASSPORT was a project taken on by Ty Burgessand Joey McLaughlin, in the summer and fall months of 2022. Initially, there was going to be a section or two outside of the US, but when Ty realized he never renewed his passport, the title and theme of the clip was set in stone.

The three sections of the clip are all within an hours drive from HQ, even with the worst traffic on the 405. There’s the cylinders section, a stones throw from the office, the uppers section, which in record time you can make it for the walk down in 25-30 minutes, and then the homebase section, which is set in between various Newport jetties.

This was the first full length film IPD tackled, coming in at just around 10 minutes. The best part about filming local in these months was easily being able to put Ty in the seasonally correct IPD gear, everything from board shorts, flannels, light jackets, wovens, and tees. Enough from us, check out this clip, then scroll down and see some highlights from the premiere.




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