It all started in 1980, and it all started with surfboards. In his shaping years, Bob Hurley had an idea for a surf logo that he hoped would represent inclusion, authenticity, and progression. He was looking for a simple way to inspire collaboration and camaraderie in the California surf culture of the time.

What he came up with was IPD; International Pro Designs.

Click below to hear one of surfing's most authentic visionaries explain his thought process and the story behind IPD. We hope it’ll help you understand exactly why we’re so excited for this revival.

 Now you know where IPD came from, and what its origins are about. Obviously, we want to continue Bob’s legacy, and make good on his vision, but a lot of things have changed in the world of surfing since 1980.

While surfing is still about having fun, the shift in our culture over the last decade or two has been radical. Equipment, audience, and media have all changed drastically, with an increased emphasis on self-promotion and athletes. While it would be hypocritical of us to blatantly advertise that we’re the opposite, we’re hoping that our roots in core surf shop culture will lead us down a different path.

We’re not just looking to make surf shirts, we’re hoping to be part of a revolution.

We want to put a modern twist on the ideals Bob came up with when he first visualized IPD. Our aim is to celebrate the earliest forms of surf culture, with an emphasis on surf shops, quality goods, and on the surfing community as a whole. Young and old, beginner and expert, local and foreigner. The sport and lifestyle of surfing has always been infinitely unique, and we’re here to take inspiration from prior generations and bring it to the twenty-first century.

This is IPD.



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