It all started in 1980. And it all started with surfboards. As surfers, the one thing you need 100% of the time is a board to surf (and waves-duh). Bob Hurley had an idea for an icon that would represent inclusion, authenticity, realness, and all the other descriptive words you could use to describe surfing during that time period. Wait a minute-why are we telling you all of this? Hear it from the man who created the logo and principles behind it by pressing play. 

So now you know where IPD came from and what its origins are about. Obviously we want to keep what Bob started going, but a lot of things have changed in the world of surfing since 1980. At its core, surfing has remained the same in the sense that it’s still all about having fun. But take a look back at surfers in their prime in the 80s and the surfers of the 2020s and the evolution is radical. Equipment, audience, and media have all changed greatly over time.With IPD, we want to put a modern twist on the ideals Bob came up with when he first visualized IPD. A brand that would celebrate the earliest forms of surf and surf culture. Emphasis on the fun. Emphasis on the surf shops. Emphasis on quality goods. And emphasis on the surfing community as a whole: young and old, beginner and expert, local and foreign. The sport and lifestyle of surfing is one that is unique to itself, and we are here to take what we liked from the olden days and the days before us and bring it to the twenty-first century. This is IPD.



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