Winter’s here. Whether we like it or not, the temperatures are starting to take a dip. Depending on where you are, this could mean throwing on a sweatshirt in the morning, or throwing on a heavier jacket in the morning, or for those on the east coast and other cold climates, layering both those and then some. 

At IPD, we’ve got plenty of options to layer up for warmth. You gotta build it from the base of a tee shirt, but you stack enough of our goods you can tackle some pretty low temperatures. Here’s a quick guide on how to layer for warmth.

The base of it all: Tee Shirt.

Depending on where you are, you could go short sleeve or long. But you’ll need this as the very base layer for both comfort and also on the occasion you de-layer where you’ve reached your destination. Our two favorites in this category are the Rose Panther Tee and the Spencer Long Sleeve Tee.

Add another layer: Woven or Hoodie.

Again, this is somewhat dependent on how cold we are actually talking. For those milder winters, a woven atop the tee could be all you need. This makes you feel less bulk than a sweater or jacket, but still adds a dash of warmth. This layer is on the more stylish side. If it’s cold, you’ll be foolish to not add a fleece. This adds both a hood (incase you jacket does not have one) and also helps crank up the heat close to your body. Our two picks? Check out the super soft Overcast Woven and the Wedge Hoodie.

The Last Layer: A Jacket

Whether it’s a lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight jacket is up to you. But if you’re going somewhere and the sun has set or yet to rise, you are going to want to bundle up with one of our jackets. Opt for the Maverick and a hoodie for extra sherpa warmth. Rock the Shipsterns for the hood and taffeta interior. Or if you’re lucky and live in Hawaii, go for the shade windbreaker to keep it light. 

There’s all sorts of different combinations you can run. A long sleeve and a light jacket. A woven and jacket with no shirt. A long sleeve and a hoodie. The choices are all yours. Check out our full range of threads HERE to dial in for the winter months. The cold is just getting started.


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