Meet Ryder Alves.

You might know him if you’ve been following along for a little while. Ryder hails from Oxnard, Ca, a working class town a bit north of LA. Known for great surfing, fishing, and a core community, Ryder belongs to all three.

When we tasked Ryder with making a little recap of some of his favorite boardshorts, two rad things happened. One: he turned it around in a couple days, something a marketing guy dreams of for his ambassadors. Two: he took a different approach to most. Instead of surfing in the boardies (which can be rare from where he’s from), he talked about how boardshorts aren’t just for  surfing. We’ve seen Ryder surf in his, skate in his, fish in his, and live life in our boardshorts.

His three he decided to go with: Faceplant, Frequency, and Odyssey.

At this point, the Faceplant is a cult classic. 22” of non-stretch fabric as an ode to the 90s.

Frequency is our classic 18” boardshort, complete with a pocket for wax, a scalloped cut hem, and a comfortable stretch fabric built to keep you surfing all day long. 

Finally, Odyssey is almost a workout short / board short hybrid. It features a 17” length, 3 pockets, an elastic waist for a comfortable, adjustable fit, and a classic solid coloring.

Whatever sounds like your type of boardshort, know there’s plenty more available on our site and in your favorite local surf shop. 


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