In our latest drop of IPD surf goods, we’ve decided to add 2 new boardshorts to expand our ever-growing offering.


If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve named all of our previous boardies after highways that connect to some of the world's greatest waves. Our new releases follow that same trend. Meet the A1 and the 101 fits.

The A1 Highway in Australia runs along the Gold Coast and features some of the most high performance waves in Australia. With this in mind, we built the A1 chassis to be our most performance driven silhouette thus far. While you can shred in all of our boardies, the A1 features stretch-tested fabrics, along with design inputs from Kai Paula and the whole IPD team. You can shop this new division of boardshort in the EJECT in 2 seasonal color ways. 


The 101 highway in our home state of California is a longer version of the famous Highway 1, and runs up the coast all the way to the northern tip. It twists and winds its way by many of the most beautiful California surf spots.To tie into our boardshort lore, it only made sense for the101 to fit just a tad bit longer than our 1 fit. We added two inches to the straight cut and gave it some bold middle stripes. Thus, the MACKER 101 was born.


These styles, along with all our newest boardie prints, can be found in your local surf shop, online, or in our latest flick “83 NORTH”.


Learn about all the chassis HERE.



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