With cooler weather coming around the bend no matter what part of the states you live in, it’s nice to be prepared while also looking good. This is where IPD’s trio of jackets come into play. While we don’t have the heaviest jacket known to man nor something built for snow-filled adventures, we do offer three jackets that will help you cover the bases of outerwear. 

First off, our lightweight shell jacket known as the Shade Jacket. Think wet Hawaii or mild California weather for this one, as well as Florida and the southern part of the east coast. This is a lightweight, comfortable, and water resistant jacket that packs up as easily as it is put on. With an all black build and minimal branding, this thing is a staple built for daily use (but hopefully not, since it would kind of stink if it rained everyday).

Next up, we have the Maverick Cord Jacket. You’ve seen a jacket like this before no doubt. A classic trucker style jacket, but this one features a sherpa liner to keep it extra toasty and add some texture to the collar. In a classic tan with a cream sherpa interior, button closure for easy on and off, and four pockets for your everyday carry, the Maverick Cord is a great choice for a bit colder weather. Did we mention it layers great? 

Finally, we land on probably the warmest of our offering of jackets. The Shipsterns Jacket comes in two colors, features a hood, zip closure, and a flannel pattern to give it a little bit of character. Complete with a quilted interior, this jacket keeps the heat inside and close to you, offering maximum warmth without sacrificing style. 

With these three jackets, you should be all set for the oncoming months of cold. Sure, if there’s a snowstorm or the weather starts to get below freezing, you could be in a pickle. However, size up your Maverick and throw a hoodie under it, and boom, problem solved. Make sure to take a spin through our fleece, because the Maverick Cord coupled with the Wedge Pullover could look pretty rad. Also, you could match them up with some of our premium headwear, and boom, you’ve got a complete IPD outfit.


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