Winter is coming. This means a myriad of different things. For the average person, they think of less for the sun to hang in the sky, colder weather overall, and overall a feeling of sadness due to the weather getting worse. For a surfer, the feeling could be considered the opposite. 

We are not immune to the things stated above. We are bummed there’s less time to surf due to less sunshine during the day. We definitely aren’t stoked that both the air and water temperatures get much lower. But one thing surfers can all agree upon is this: typically, winter provides the biggest and best waves. East coast, West Coast, and Hawaii. You start to see snowy tubes and 5 mil wetsuits on the East Coast. Mavericks, Ocean Beach, and all the NW swell hotspots begin to light up in the colder months. The North Shore comes to life from October to March. 

Surfers love winter, and many also take trips to warmer water locals around this time to escape the cold. This is exactly what a couple of our California team riders did last February, making the pilgrimage to the North Shore with the majority of other surfers on this planet. Although it’s crowded, there’s so many options and windows to surf that you tend to find the perfect windows to strike. 

Our team linked up with some of the local boys over there and produced this short clip “On Island Time”, shot and edited by the ever so talented Alex Kilauano (@alohavisuals). Hawaii is tee shirts, board shorts, flip flops, surf shirts(when you get a little too much sun), walkshorts, and a hoodie for the nighttime. This edit is what IPD is all about: against the grain, loud, and full of surfing with a hint of nostalgia that’s missing in 2023.


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