We collaborated with the epic crew over at Chemistry Surfboards to create a limited drop of epic gear, straight out of Oceanside, California.

Chemistry Surfboards was born from the idea of progressive, open minded surfers providing surfers of all skill levels a true custom, handmade product. Embedded within an industry of mass reproduction, Chemistry takes pride in the virtually extinct term of originality. 

Sharing similar qualities of being progressive, open-minded, and inclusive to all surfers, the bond between Chemistry surfboards and IPD was strong from the get go. All we had to do was come together on what the product would look like and what products would serve as a canvas from the IPD line. 

Inside the collection is a rad black pair of board shorts, a tee that features the Chemistry custom surfboard order card, a classic trucker hat, and a tote bag to throw it all into on the way to the beach. While summer is coming to a close, everyone knows local summer on both the east and west coast goes well into October, with the water staying warm, the weather being at its best, and ample swell with minimal crowds at the beaches. 

Head over to the Chemistry site and shop the collection



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