The classic California surf trip. There’s so many fun waves to chase and then ride south of the border, and most Californians make the trek multiple times a summer to see old friends and hopefully score some less crowded peaks than their local in peak summertime. With our team riders, we have guys that live down there so some of our California and even international riders take the trip to go link up with the locals to dial in the right spot. 

Recently, Beck Adler and Jojo Whelan took a strike mission down south to link up with Rolando Ozuna, looking to score big barrels in board shorts. We won’t disclose where this is, but if you’ve got a keen eye for spots around there you might be able to tell.

You see the boys trade barrels in our array of boardshorts, from the team favorite Faceplant 22” board short as well as some other IPD classics. 

Tap the link here to watch the clip, and then follow the boys below.

Youtube clip:


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