And just like that, summer only has a couple more days left in its run before we are onto fall. Let’s soak in those last couple days of warmer water, sunny days, and good vibes the season in the middle of the year provides us. However, most surfers will welcome winter with open arms in hopes of bigger swells, offshore winds, and unfortunately breaking out the neoprene.

Most places don’t transition overnight, so our latest drop of goods contains everything you need to slowly get ready for the oncoming cold. Think long sleeves, light flannels, and fleece. But for when it does get a little dicey with rain or a bit colder weather, we’ve got you covered with our shade and shipsterns jackets.

For some reading this, you are laughing because it stays warm year round for you. And for this, everyone out of our Costa Mesa office is slightly jealous of you. But fear not-we didn’t choose to skimp our warmer weather brethren on some fresh styles. Couple new boardies and walkshorts can hold you guys over, as well as some additional tees and hats.

No matter where you live or where you plan on going this winter, our latest drop has got you dialed. Shop the entire collection.

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