Get stoked Hawaii, IPD presents the Wave Of Da Summah.


Here’s the deal: 5000 dollars up for grabs for the best ridden wave on a south facing beach in Hawaii. 1000 dollars to the filmer who bags the clip. 1000 to the winning shaper.


Sounds pretty good, right? What’s worth more-the money or the bragging rights for getting the ride of the summer?


With every contest, there are some rules, but they seem pretty manageable:


The wave must be ridden between the event window of May 29th and September 4th. No exceptions.


The wave must be ridden on a south facing beach. Any island goes.


The wave must also be ridden by a hawaii resident. 


To correctly submit your wave, the wave must be posted on instagram and IPD must be tagged along with #waveofdasummah in the caption. The second part of the submission is wetransfering the clip to:


IPD will own all the rights to the clip once submitted.


Good luck to all those who enter! You never know who's gonna get the Wave Of Da Summah. It could be you.


Stay up to date with all the submissions and hype around the Wave Of Da Summah by checking out our BLOG


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